Beginning with a strong desire to be independent in the architecture - interior field, in 1998 Jingga studio was established. This early idea was initially to experience the ins and outs of the processes in the design & build field. This naturally was a basic & natural step, yet meaningful, as we wished to uphold the true principles & essentials of design. With confidence, JINGGA was born & has since existed in the Architecture-Interior Design & Build field. The rise of housing needs & building material proces and the reduction of effective land areas,  pushes us to prioritise efficiency & effectiveness of land use, building materials and cost in our design. Modernization in technology also has contributed in enabling us to carry out  the design while always keeping in step with the current trends.  This however plays a supporting role, as the principles of design & local values always are the main focus. Aware of the hurdles in the future, we always strive to approach each project  with all our creative abilities and strong concept to become a leading company in its field. Today, with a strong dedicated team, JINGGA offers services to produce design that ensure its quality to its utmost
The application of new technology & product gives a wide range of possibilities in design solutions, and helps to control quality in construction, while still upholding the values in good design. The usage of new materials allows the design to be oriented to the future, while still keeping the values of the local setting.
Quality assurance is achieved through the responsibility of management that is oriented to the control of quality in bith design & construction.
We are principally a Design & Build company for Architecture & Interior, and have experience  in the following building types:
Commercial (Retail, Office)
Hospital & Clinics
Educational Buildings
Hotel / Resort
Resto & Cafes
Interior and Furniture
Aside from the above, we also provide supporting services such as Rendering & Animation,  and Graphic Design service